Personal training

A personal training program developed to meet your individual needs and goals of maintaining or improving your physical fitness level. Programs may include strength training as well as agility, aerobic and other exercises


The training program will be individual, efficient and customized and, when combined with proper nutrition, will produce rapid results. Exercises are done with body weight, barbells, elastic bands, balls, kettlebell, stability boards etc.. Reaching specific goals depends on each individual’s own motivation and commitment. 


A healthy way of strengthening muscles and changing weight in combination with a nutritious diet to build a strong and healthy body.

• Use of several gymnastic techniques

• Quick results

• Improves mood and quality of life


Private lessons - 1 hour

session         75 €

5 sessions     350 €


•On agreement

•Outdoors (spring and summer)

•Monitoring in fitness studio


Date and time
Schedule in advance